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Keep existing connections and make new ones, become part of our community for retired alumni.

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Connect, Explore, Share and continue your Woodside journey

If you are a retired Woodsider, we invite you to join Wiroo, our alumni network. We encourage you to explore, stay in touch and visit this site often.

Our retired alumni - our Wiroo - are important to guiding and inspiring Woodside's ongoing success. So we hope you'll be a part of it.

The name Wiroo is taken from the language of the Noongar people, who are Indigenous to the land on which our Perth HQ building is based. Wiroo means owl and given that owls are seen as wise and keen observers of their surroundings, it is a very fitting name for this network.

Please register to access the Wiroo portal and if you've already registered, just sign in.

A Message From Our CEO

There have been many contributors to Woodside’s success; many people who have worked with courage and determination to build our business into the largest Australian natural gas producer.

We value that pioneering spirit and appreciate the commitment that drives it.

We also recognise that the desire to stay connected to the company and former colleagues doesn’t end with retirement.

That is why we have set up this network.

It offers those who have retired from Woodside a chance to strengthen ties with the company and its people, past and present.

As Woodside progresses its latest growth plans, we know how important it is to acknowledge and learn from those who have come before us.

We know that our retired alumni - our Wiroo - hold experience and expertise of significant value and we want them to be an ongoing part of Woodside’s journey.

Peter J ColemanChief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Wiroo Stories

David Agostini
David Agostini
Eve Howell
Eve Howell
Russell Ward
Russell Ward